Director of Technology / CTO / Principal Architect in Houston, TX at Boxer Property

Date Posted: 8/1/2020

Job Snapshot

Job Description

Our portfolio of companies includes commercial real estate, software development, SAAS, consulting, international operations, restaurants, insurance, and various other ventures. It is truly an interesting world of activities!

Effective use of technology is a strategic priority in everything we do. Our approach begins with good data, leverages incredible tools, and relies on a strong culture of agility and information-based decision-making to make us one of the most innovative organizations in the world.

We are looking for a highly qualified Director of Technology / CTO / Principal Architect with cross-portfolio responsibilities. The ideal candidate combines business acumen, technical skills, and a healthy respect for process and procedure to architect, deploy, and maintain effective systems, as well as to set strategy and help shape the organizations future.

We have a 28 year history of success weaving technology into our operations, and it has been an important part of our success over the years. We have many exceptional processes, systems, and approaches. This is not a rescue mission; this position will strengthen existing approaches and help build on that foundation for an exceptional future.

Naturally, we have high standards and are looking for an exceptional candidate. Technical knowledge is table stakes. In addition, we seek someone who combines an entrepreneurial, innovative mindset with a deep-seated conviction that order and process is necessary for real success.

So - this is a position for a stand-out who is ready to make the next big, adventurous step in an already dynamic career. If you have felt hamstrung in the past by an organization that could not adapt to change, or by an executive team that just didnt get it, this might be the opportunity to throw off those shackles and get some big things done!

Our businesses are increasingly focused on:

  • Deploying cloud-based system architecture
  • Delivering scalable services to our internal and external customers
  • Developing and supporting high-quality software applications
  • Improving classic IT functions like disaster recovery and backup
  • Addressing data privacy and compliance across multiple jurisdictions
  • Incorporating artificial intelligence into operations
  • Solving challenges associated with rolling-up or taking over companies

In this role you will be working closely with other executive-level colleagues who are responsible for teams like Application Development, Network Infrastructure, Professional Services, Real Estate Operations, Legal, and Accounting & Finance.  You will work directly with the CEO and President.

Among other things, your responsibilities will include:

  • Participate in technology and overall strategic planning
  • Maintain awareness of emerging technologies and methodologies
  • Work with a growing dev-ops group to scale deployment capacity
  • Help architect and maintain a high-growth SAAS platform, particularly with respect to hosting, scaling, and supporting the environment (both multi-tenant and client instances)
  • Orchestrate & monitor processes related to quality and compliance
  • Create and manage budgets
  • Reduce the risk of technological breaches and protect sensitive digital information
  • Comply with applicable regulatory standards
  • Review, improve, and maintain critical IT functions like communications, computing, application portfolio management, network reliability, and security.

Required Experience:

  • Oversight of complex IT operations in a sizable organization
  • Cloud architecture
  • Microsoft technologies, including Azure
  • Software development management
  • Project & process management discipline
  • Software & data architecture
  • Network infrastructure management
  • Security & compliance
  • Data science and data structure awareness


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